Hot Subs

hot subs
  • 8" Hot Sub $6.48
     $.69 for additional toppings
  • 12" Hot Sub $8.33
     $.88 for additional toppings

All prices plus tax. Pricing subject to change without notice.

We're Different Because...

  • Our Medium Pizzas are 14", not 12"
  • Our Large Pizzas are 1/2 Sheets, not 16"
  • We give more toppings per pizza
  • Our chicken wings are bigger
  • Our dough is made fresh daily
chicken wings

Will That Be Pick-Up Or Delivery?
(585) 227-9913
516 Long Pond Rd, Greece, NY 14612

Business of the Month
August 2015

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We Deliver!

Delivery Range:

Most of Greece
Hilton East of Bennett Rd.
Most of Charlotte

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